Mission Statement

The Opioid Policy Institute was established to conduct research and collaborate with stakeholders throughout the world. We offer research and education services to advance our mission: Improve the lives of people affected by opioid addiction

Focus Areas

These are the topics that are important to us

Addiction Treatment in America

We're working to better understand our fragmented and siloed approach to addiction treatment. We accomplish this through our digital health research and probing addiction treatment resources.

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Reducing Stigma and Discrimination

At the root of all policy, prevention, treatment, and recovery gaps is stigma and discrimination. We’re committed to advancing the field’s understanding of stigma and discrimination and scaling solutions to address these issues.

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Caring for Pregnant and Parenting People

Stigma and discrimination look different for different groups. One group that faces unique stigma and discrimination are pregnant women who use opioids. They have a variety of unmet health and treatment needs across the country. We’re working to highlight these gaps and address these shortages.

Our Approach

Stakeholder informed research

From the start of research projects, we involve diverse groups of stakeholders. Our teams include people with lived experience, advocates, MDs, PhDs, JDs, and policy experts. With this 360 approach, we can better work to answer questions that inform policy.

Policy Impact

Traditional research can live in an echo-chamber that is detached from the real-world. We work to bring our work to life and present it to policy makers and the public so that we can increase our impact. We rigorously measure our outcomes and KPIs so that we can assess impact.

Sharing Ideas

We believe in the open science ethos. Our work will strive to uphold those principles. The biggest ideas deserve the broadest audience.


Respect of patient’s rights is at our core. We’re building a megaphone to amplify their voices and working hard to protect their privacy from shady treatment vendors.


We need partners to fulfil our mission. You’ll find our environment is open, team-oriented, and built for your success.


We value work/life balance. Our team works best when our teammates are taken care of. We use a suite of technology to help make this happen. Join us to find out.